Trying to track multiple runs of test cases within build

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Trying to track multiple runs of test cases within build

Postby nhorner » Thu Nov 10, 2005 5:50 pm


We are using testlink 1.5 (postponing the upgrade until after this project) and just starting regression testing for our 6 clients. Each client runs on 5-10 different platforms. The regression needs to be run on each platform and we need to track that. I can\\\'t figure out the best way to do this with a test plan.

Currently, each client is a product, and the test cases are all in one test plan, WT 3.0. If one tester runs his regression tests on platform A, the next person to execute those cases on a different platform in the same build overwrites the previous.

Any suggestions? Should I create a test plan for each platform? That seems kinda messy to maintain. Maybe something with build numbers?

Thanks for any advice! And thanks to everyone for TestLink, we love it.

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Postby havlatm » Fri Nov 11, 2005 2:39 am

Hi Nicole,

We add alphanumeric build title as feature in 1.6. Try to install it and investigate if it could solve the problem. Kevin also added report where you can choose set of reports for statistics. So you could select set of builds for one platform.
Also will be useful write requirements/analyse how could be best behaviour for your case. I.e. include dependencies for reports, etc. It could help us in future to choose the best way for updating the functionality.


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