Fogbugz linking issues

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Fogbugz linking issues

Postby themaniac27 » Mon Oct 14, 2013 4:19 pm


I'm new to testlink and we were trying to integrate testlink with our fogbugz instance.

We were able to create a link using both rest and db however there were issues with both,

Using rest, we were able to use see hyperlinks in our test cases but the url was wrong.

We get
http://OurServerName:81/default.asp?com ... ixbug=2000
When we should get
http://OurServerName:81/Fogbugz/default ... ixbug=2000

Is there a way to modify the link so that it correctly connect to our Fogbugz server (We are not using OnDemand).
Here is my config
Code: Select all
<!-- Template fogbugzrestInterface  -->
<!-- use following attributes if you want to create issues from TestLink -->

In the case where we used db, we didn't see any links at all in the test case like we saw in rest, but at least we were able to get to fogbugz when using DB


What could be stopping the link from being displayed properly.

..And the configuration
Code: Select all
<!-- Template fogbugzdbInterface -->

Any Help provide will be greatly appreciated.
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