Customized Reports through Test Link

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Customized Reports through Test Link

Postby ilmutheenm » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:47 am


Can anyone mention how I can get a customized report according my test case template.

I need a custom report to Severity vs Test Type matrix.

Here my Test types are divided mainly two as functional and non functional. Functional Test type further classified as Functionality and Integration, where Non Functional test Type further classified as Usability, comparability and compatability. (These are custom fields)

Severity is classified as High, Medium and Low.

So, How can I get a unique report as Severity vs Test Type matrix. (Eg: How many no of High Severity Test cases are available which's Test Type is Usability).

I hope I need to modify relevant php or other files in TestLink. If that is the case can anyone mention what are the relevant files I need to modify and include..

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