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How to fetch TestPlan ID when projectid is provided

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:30 pm
by aksinghv
Hi All,

I am having a large Test Suite (120K test cases) in one Test Plan.

I am trying to fetch the TestPlanID when i have found the Project ID. I am using php command line to fetch this.

To fetch teh Project-id it doest not take much time. But for the TestPlanID it is taking a lot of time. We are passing the userfriendly name of the testPlan from the commandline and we are searching for the testplanid for this TestPlan.

Same is followed for the Project id. If it works for the testplanid then i can extrapolate it to the buildid and.

My goal is to update results for all of the 120K testcases.

Is there any convenient less time consuming way to upload the results for such a huge testcases.

Currently the server has 2 projects and only one is actively used. Other is available but no body is updating..

Any help is appreciated. I can post the script content too if required.

Anjani Singh