how is working reportTCResult

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how is working reportTCResult

Postby bayard » Tue Jun 01, 2010 3:02 pm

I'm trying to use reportTCResult
data = {"devKey":self.devKey, "tcid":tcid, "tpid":tpid ,"status":status}
#import pdb;pdb.set_trace()

For me the goal of this function is to set the status of a test case.

I understand tcid (test case identifier) is usefull.
I dont understand why tpid is awaited and not a build id.
So in which build, this function will write ?
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Re: how is working reportTCResult

Postby fman » Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:12 pm

Documentation from last CVS code (next 1.9 beta )
Hope this will help:

* Reports a result for a single test case
* @param struct $args
* @param string $args["devKey"]
* @param int $args["testcaseid"]: optional, if not present
* testcaseexternalid must be present
* @param int $args["testcaseexternalid"]: optional, if does not is present
* testcaseid must be present
* @param int $args["testplanid"]
* @param string $args["status"] - status is {@link $validStatusList}
* @param int $args["buildid"] - optional.
* if not present and $args["buildname"] exists
* then
* $args["buildname"] will be checked and used if valid
* else
* build with HIGHEST ID will be used
* @param int $args["buildname"] - optional.
* if not present Build with higher internal ID will be used
* @param string $args["notes"] - optional
* @param bool $args["guess"] - optional defining whether to guess optinal params or require them
* explicitly default is true (guess by default)
* @param string $args["bugid"] - optional
* @param string $args["platformid"] - optional, if not present platformname must be present
* @param string $args["platformname"] - optional, if not present platformid must be present
* @param string $args["customfields"] - optional
* contains an map with key:Custom Field Name, value: value for CF.
* VERY IMPORTANT: value must be formatted in the way it's written to db,
* this is important for types like:
* DATE: strtotime()
* DATETIME: mktime()
* MULTISELECTION LIST / CHECKBOX / RADIO: se multipli selezione ! come separatore
* these custom fields must be configured to be writte during execution.
* If custom field do not meet condition value will not be written
* @param boolean $args["overwrite"] - optional, if present and true, then last execution
* for (testcase,testplan,build,platform) will be overwritten.
* @return mixed $resultInfo
* [status] => true/false of success
* [id] => result id or error code
* [message] => optional message for error message string
* @access public
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