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getTestCase() not process testcaseexternalid

PostPosted: Thu Feb 03, 2011 6:12 am
by akang
On thread { [SOLVED]What am I doing wrong - reportTCResult }
User martinM use "testcaseexternalid" to retrieve a TestCase.
His code is as following:
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#first test-case
tcextid = "qq-1"
data = {}
data["devKey"] = devkey
data["testcaseexternalid"] = tcextid
tcinfo =
tcversion = tcinfo[0]['version']
tcid = tcinfo[0]['id']
internaltcid = tcinfo[0]['testcase_id']
print "TCINFO", tcinfo[0]

function getTestCase() is available at 1.9.x. I copied to 1.8.5 and tried it out, but return externalid not found.
I read the code and it seems to process only the testcaseid, but no logical to process testcaseexternalid.

Is there some internal mechanisms, not in xmlrpc.php, to process testcaseexternalid if testcaseid not presented?