How to get exact order of TestSuites

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How to get exact order of TestSuites

Postby dokaspar » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:46 am

I use the Java TestLinkAPIClient to retrieve all TestSuites using the getTestSuitesForTestPlan() function. However, the returned TestSuites have no particular order. How can I restore their order as defined in the Test Specification? I found a z-order attribute that does what I want for TestCases, but not for TestSuites...

Interesting enough, when I use TestLinkAPIHelper.getSuiteInfo(), a parameter 'node_order' is returned that represents the order I am looking for. However, this only works for 'first level' test suites! The returned info Map is null for all 'second level' testsuites...

Any ideas or a confirmation that this is currently impossible would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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