how to use the the API for JUnit Test Automation

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how to use the the API for JUnit Test Automation

Postby volkertoewe » Sat May 11, 2013 5:34 pm

wie use TestLink since a long time for planing, execution and documentation of manual test cases and automated test cases with QF-Test. Now we also want to use TestLink for JUnit automated tests. The JUnit tests already exist and we execute them with ant or eclipse.
I already installed the TestLink eclipse plugin, but I have no idea how to descirbe the test cases in TestLink and how to do the connection between an existing JUnit method in my sandbox and the Test case in TestLink. My suggestion is that a JUnit TestClass represents a test specification and the test methods represent the test cases. I can see the test specifications in the eclipse plugin navigator which I created in TestLink, but I can not see the test cases.
Could anyone give me an example or a description how th bulid up the connection between JUnit and TestLink?
Thanks in advance
Volker Toewe
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Re: how to use the the API for JUnit Test Automation

Postby fman » Sun May 12, 2013 8:12 am

Never worked on this, but I suppose that people that is using Jenkis with TestLink may be can help you.
Try to contact =>

please whne you have solved your needs, provide some kind of hints and/or tutorials
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