API to add requirements/req specification into testlink

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API to add requirements/req specification into testlink

Postby atulpatel » Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:32 pm


I'm currently using testlink 1.9.9 and I've written several perl scripts to automate creation of test plans, build IDs etc
integrated with state changes in JIRA.

We use JIRA for managing feature, task, bug tickets etc Once a state change occurs on a Feature Ticket, I'd
like to automatically create requirement place holders into Testlink.

I was looking for an API either xml-rcp or rest to add "Requirement place holders" into testlink, as far as I can see
it doesn't exist. I've looked at;


but these assume the Requirements already exist. What I essentially need is the equivalent for
createTestSuite but for requirements. Has anyone already done this? Can anyone point out what I'd need to
change or use as a starting point ?

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