1.9.5 - API calls for getting results

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1.9.5 - API calls for getting results

Postby mhtestlink » Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:09 pm

I am currently working on a project to build an overview of the Testlink results (Testlink v1.9.5).

After reading the documentation and looking at the PHP file I used the method "getLastExecutionResult" and tried to include the buildID to get the results for a specific build. But no matter which buildID the call uses only the last result is returned.

Is there a way to get the results per build with the API?

Example Calls with different buildIDs which return both only the last result:

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<methodCall><methodName>tl.getLastExecutionResult</methodName><params><param><value><struct><member><name>devKey</name><value><string>blabla</string></value></member><member><name>testcaseexternalid</name><value><string>PLAY-445</string></value></member><member><name>testplanid</name><value><string>74954</string></value></member><member><name>buildid</name><value><string>  567  </string></value></member></struct></value></param></params></methodCall>

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<methodCall><methodName>tl.getLastExecutionResult</methodName><params><param><value><struct><member><name>devKey</name><value><string>blabla</string></value></member><member><name>testcaseexternalid</name><value><string>PLAY-445</string></value></member><member><name>testplanid</name><value><string>74954</string></value></member><member><name>buildid</name><value><string>  3312  </string></value></member></struct></value></param></params></methodCall>
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Re: API calls for results (1.9.5)

Postby fman » Sun Aug 31, 2014 3:35 pm

Since 1.9.11 (latest stable version) interface is this (documentation is inside of xmlrpc.class.php on testlink distribution)
* Gets the result of LAST EXECUTION for a particular testcase on a test plan.
* If there are no filter criteria regarding platform and build,
* result will be get WITHOUT checking for a particular platform and build.
* @param struct $args
* @param string $args["devKey"]
* @param int $args["tplanid"]
* @param int $args["testcaseid"]: Pseudo optional.
* if does not is present then testcaseexternalid MUST BE present
* @param int $args["testcaseexternalid"]: Pseudo optional.
* if does not is present then testcaseid MUST BE present
* @param string $args["platformid"]: optional.
* ONLY if not present, then $args["platformname"]
* will be analized (if exists)
* @param string $args["platformname"]: optional (see $args["platformid"])
* @param int $args["buildid"]: optional
* ONLY if not present, then $args["buildname"] will be analized (if exists)
* @param int $args["buildname"] - optional (see $args["buildid"])
* @param int $args["options"] - optional
* options['getBugs'] = true / false
* @return mixed $resultInfo
* if execution found
* array that contains a map with these keys:
* id (execution id),build_id,tester_id,execution_ts,
* status,testplan_id,tcversion_id,tcversion_number,
* execution_type,notes.
* If user has requested getbugs, then a key bugs (that is an array)
* will also exists.
* if test case has not been execute,
* array('id' => -1)
* @access public

1.9.5 IS TOO OLD and there is no more support
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