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How to get all custom fields available on a test execution

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:27 pm
by alexmjp

I got the same bug as describe in the mantis bellow : w/ tl.getTestCaseCustomFieldExecutionValue Api method.
And we cannot migrate on the 1.9.14 because we have some project who call the API from Java (and the java API we use is not compatible 1.9.14...) and some other write in Perl (for Mainframe Product).
Edit : So, we use the 1.9.13 version of TL.
Each of the 14 products we got have custom fields and the value of each is set on the execution.
I'm actually try to simply get all the list of custom fields available on a product with an Enabled on Context set to test execution and available for Test Case. If someone know a way to do it with the RPC API ...

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