Invalid DevKey Error message

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Invalid DevKey Error message

Postby Selenmi » Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:36 am


I am currently using Testlink 1.9.11 and I have difficulties to use the API for testlink. I searched on the web for similar issues but nothing helped.

Here are the scenario that I follow in order to try to use the API:
1. Log in as my user with admin rights)
2. Go to 'My settings' and under API interface, I click on 'Generate a new key' button (-> meaning that $tlCfg->api->enabled = TRUE)
3. I have tried in both Python and Java language but both are failing. Here is the code used in Python:
Code: Select all
set TESTLINK_API_PYTHON_DEVKEY=db451df2b3359410a380af410f06fce2
import testlink
tls = testlink.TestLinkHelper().connect(testlink.TestlinkAPIClient) '-> till here it works fine
tls.countProjects() '-> error:
testlink.testlinkerrors.TLResponseError: 2000: Can not authenticate client: invalid developer key
getProjects({'devKey': 'db451df2b3359410a380af410f06fce2'})

Can someone please give me info or solution for this problem?

Thanks a lot.

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