How to customize the test report with active builds only?

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How to customize the test report with active builds only?

Postby tbn83 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:33 pm

Hello everybody,

I use Testlink 1.9.16 to validate several softwares. I created some builds for each versions. For example :
- for version V1.0 :
1st build --> V1.0.1
2nd build --> V1.0.2
3rd build --> V1.0.3

- for version V2.0 :
1st build --> V2.0.1
2nd build --> V2.0.2
3rd build --> V2.0.3
4th buil --> V2.0.4

I finished to validate the first version, so in "Build management" I deactivated all builds of this first version.
After that, I validate the 2nd version and I want to generate the Test report (HTML or Word format) for only the active builds! Actually, even if the builds of version V1.0 are inactive, when I generate the Test report, we have the results for all builds (Version V1.0 AND V2.0)!!
However, in "Build management" we have this information : "Active / inactive - defines whether the build can used. Incative builds are not listed on the execution and reports pages" --> I don't understand that the results for incative builds are in the test report.

So my question is : How to custom the test report with only active builds?

Thank you for your help
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