[TL 1.9] - Declaration of ADODB_mysql::MetaColumns()

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[TL 1.9] - Declaration of ADODB_mysql::MetaColumns()

Postby aksinghv » Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:40 am


I am getting following messages,
Declaration of ADODB_mysql::MetaColumns() should be compatible with that of ADOConnection::MetaColumns() - in C:\iis7\tl\tl190\third_party\adodb\drivers\adodb-mysql.inc.php - Line 21
[<<][4a9c9de837672747575267][DEFAULT][/tl190/login.php][09/Sep/1 04:07:04][09/Sep/1 04:07:04][took 0.037977 secs]
[>>][4a9c9de842679938544207][DEFAULT][/tl190/login.php][09/Sep/1 04:07:04]
[09/Sep/1 04:07:04][WARNING][<nosession>][GUI]

I have figured out. If we update the ADODB to 5.0.9a in third_party components, this issue is goes away. The reason for this error is ADODB lower than 5.0.9 does not fully support PHP 5.3.

PHP 5.3 is supported from ADODB 5.0.9. You can refere to ADODB page for more information. Google would be your best friend.

Base team can take a note of it so that ADODB can be updated to 5.0.9a or later.

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