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Blank page issue

Postby rahulp » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:23 am

Dear All,

I am trying for the integration of testlink and bugzilla. I am following the steps in 'tl-bts-howto'.

When I installed Testlink 1.9 Beta3 it showed me custom_config_inc.php file is not in place. I ignored it thinking it might come when I will install it completely. But after installation also the file was not present in the installation directory. I still ignored.

For the purpose of integration, I updated $g_interface_bugs as "BUGZILLA" and pressed execute link to store the results. When I tried to click on the folder icons for Testcase and testsuite it is giving me the blank screen in the right hand side frame.

Earlier I was getting this error with Testlink 1.8.5 also, but in that case, the none of the page of testlink was working, it was giving me blank screen entirely unlike in 1.9 beta3. Here I am able to see the icons for testcase and testsuite but when I click it to store the results, it gives the blank frame.

I am not getting what exactly is the reason. Is it because there was no file named "custo_config_inc.php" or is it some different problem. Please let me make remember I was getting the same blank screen with Testlink1.8.5 even I added the line in

Please help me with this. It might be a small catch I am not able to get. I am trying for this for 3 days without success. Please help!!

Thank you.

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