Maintaining 1 test case multiple executions (1.9.9)

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Maintaining 1 test case multiple executions (1.9.9)

Postby jleegoldie » Thu Feb 26, 2015 7:04 am

I hope I make sense when I try to explain this. Currently our aim is to have 1 test case addressing each individual functionality. So in Test Specification, we have something like Test suite - test cases 1-9. Test cases 1-9 will then be executed on build 1 on Test Plan A. When build 2 is released for the same test plan, we will assign and execute the same test cases 1-9 on the new build and so forth for each build. I was just curious, in the event we receive build 5, where we have already ran the test cases on 4 builds prior to that build, build 5 may require adjustments in the functionality which may require us to alter the way we change it.

This may lead to having to adjust the information on the test case. In the event that we adjust the test case, this would change the test case information for each build where the test case has been exectued? So for example, if for build 5 we change the wording of the test case which has been executed on build 1-4, the wording will change for all builds (1-5). So in the event of generating a report for the test execution of build 1, it will have the adjustments which was only applied in build 5?

I'm currently using 1.9.9, not sure if this was addressed in a later version. Is there a work around or something I might be missing?

Feedback appreciated. We are very impressed with the software, keep up the good work :P
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Re: Maintaining 1 test case multiple executions (1.9.9)

Postby fman » Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:49 pm

>> We are very impressed with the software, keep up the good work
good to know, in order to keep working support is needed => think about donation

answers is use test case version => you can create a new version for build 5 (say version 2), then you can update LINKED VERSION in TEST PLAN to this new version.
What will happen is that if you re-execute on old builds your are going to do on version 2, and not on version 1.

it would be better if you update to 1.9.13, to get advantage of new features and fixes
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