Showing SQL queries

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Showing SQL queries

Postby Zone99 » Thu Feb 26, 2015 2:22 pm

Trying again:


I'm trying to use a third party tool to get data from a Testlink instance (1.9.9 or 1.9.12) and I've been trying to do two things:

1. Set testlink debug so that I can see the SQL queries being sent to the system - I can use the queries to verify I'm setting the other tool up properly.
2. Set a report/query on test suites, similar to what's seen in General Test Plan metrics on reports. This would be the 'Results by Top Level Suites' report on that page.

Seeing the testlink queries would be EXTREMELY helpful but debug doesn't seem to work.

For #2 I cannot find the test suite name anywhere. So if I have:

-- testsuite.001
-- testsuite.002

I can see testsuite.001 in the tables but for the life or me, I cannot find Testsuite1 anywhere in any table? It's got to be stored somewhere....

any help?

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Re: Showing SQL queries

Postby fman » Thu Feb 26, 2015 8:45 pm

1. there is no way ( and will not be) to display queries, then your best option is identify function that has been called and put yourself the debug (an echo) in the function

2. other option is to use some sql tool (normally a performance analisys tool) that is able to record the queries

3. may be using the info about the db schema (you only need to do some searches here and on mantis) will allow you to understand where things are stored.
TestLink db schema is IMHO relative small then checking a couple of tables will provide you the info you want.
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