Latest Exec, Last Build and exec tracking (using BUILDS)

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Latest Exec, Last Build and exec tracking (using BUILDS)

Postby Zone99 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:11 pm

Perhaps I'm completely misunderstanding 'Last Execution' and 'Last Build' on the Test Results Matrix page but I would interpret this to be, in the following example:

I have 6 builds, Build1 to Build6. I have executed test cases in various spots across the builds but I have executed every test case in Build3. When I run the Test Results Matrix query, I'm expecting that I would get a list of test cases with execution results for each build. I would then expect that:

- "Last Build" - provides the test result for the last build this test case was run on the set of chosen builds
- "Last Execution" - provides the last test result regardless of build chosen


Build1 Build2 Build3 Build4 Build5 Build6

In this example, if I choose, Build3, Build4, Build5, Build6, I would expect to see: "Last Build - N/A", "Last Execution - F"

In the second example, if I chose just Build6, I would expect to see "Last Build - N/A", "Last Execution - F".

What I get is: "Last Build - N/A", "Last Execution - N/A".

This means that, on projects with a larger number of builds, I cannot get the last execution of that test case. Testlink seems to only use the selected builds which, honestly, changes the data. I've executed on Build4, that build should be reported as "Last Execution" regardless of what builds are chosen to search on.

Given that the amount of data can cause problems with the backend and unresponsive browser pages, reducing the builds chosen is desirable so you can get the "Last Execution" of assigned test cases.

What am I missing here? Why would choosing a subset change the "Last Execution" report?

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Re: Last Execution and Last Build and actual execution track

Postby fman » Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:26 pm

May be there is an issue when a buil set is selected, because some logic can be overlooked when code was changed for adding build selection.
When a build set is selected meanjng of latest exec and exec on latest (created) build need to be rethinked and may be REMOVED.

Latest exec can be rethinked as LATEST EXEC ON GROUP OF BUILD CHOOSEN.
LATEST (CREATED) BUILD may be can be changed
Rereading your post this is the behaviour, that imho
Is not wrong because user has made choice to analise a group.

Doing as you suggest regarding latest exec will create confusion IMHO is has no indication of build name
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Re: Latest Exec, Last Build and exec tracking (using BUILDS)

Postby Zone99 » Tue Sep 01, 2015 5:54 pm


Thank you. That clears that up. So we are looking at the latest execution in a group.

Is there a query or way that allows me to see the last executed for the complete set of builds without having to select all the builds?

Sometimes, I really want to see the Last Execution for every thing.

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