Importing Testcase steps results in TestLink

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Importing Testcase steps results in TestLink

Postby tjosephine » Mon Oct 05, 2015 8:30 pm

I have created a project with a test plan associated with 2 test cases with the steps defined.
I want to import the overall results in TestLink (Test cases results with steps results)
From the Test execution window, it is possible to export the test execution of my test plan by selecting the option "Export for results import".
Then I customize the file created by providing my notes, status, tester name, timestamp and notes and results for all the steps too.

Then I re-import the file by selecting the option "Import Results (XML)".
I get the message that all my test cases results were imported successfully.
When checking in TestLink I notice that everything is ok for the test cases but there is nothing updated for the steps. I don't see my notes and status.

Is this capability enable in TestLink?
If yes, Is there something wrong in my file (bad format) that prevents TestLink to add the test cases steps results?
Here is the code for the first test case:

Code: Select all
   <testproject name="My Test Project" prefix="TC" />
   <testplan name="TestPlan1" />
   <build name="Release2" />
   <platform name="Test environment 3" />
   <testcase external_id="TC-1">
      <notes>This test case TC-1 is failed </notes>
      <!-- if not present now() will be used -->
      <timestamp>2014-01-26 17:30:12</timestamp>
   <notes>1st step is ok</notes>

   <notes>2nd step is ok</notes>

   <notes>3rd step is not ok</notes>

   <notes>4th step is not run</notes>

This is very important for us that we can do both, importing the test cases results and the steps results associated.

We are using TestLink 1.9.13
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Re: Importing Testcase steps results in TestLink

Postby fman » Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:34 am

implementation of this feature has been not finished, and there is no ETA
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