Test case chains and test data

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Test case chains and test data

Postby KFreitag » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:12 am


until today I used a lot of different Testtools, but to TestLink I'm new.

I set up some requirements, test cases and a test plan. When creating the test cases, I did the same as I always do: I first created some standard cases always to start with (#1). Like login, open search function windows etc.
Afterwards I defined the actual test cases, which I wanted to connect later on (#2). Now for my questions:

(1) When I move the test cases into the plan, I can't figure out how to manipulate the order. I want to have #1 first, then #2. Also, #1 may appear more than one time, e.g. #1 +#3, #1 + #4 etc. Manual, tutorial and Forum don't seem to mention chains at all. Is that possible?

(2) I couldn't figure out how to handle test data in test cases yet. Is that left to custom fields only?

Any advice is appreciated.

[Edit: the Version used is 1.9.15 (Tauriel)]

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