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Direct Attachment Download

Postby ssaado » Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:23 am

--> direct browsing to an attachment with the given URL (with ID) seems not to be possible

use case:
a user A executes a testcase and uploads an attachment to the testcase --> the link to the attachment is sent by email to another user B
--> example: ... hp?id=3981

user B wants to browse to the attachment by using directly the given link above --> the user B first has to login to testlink, but afterwards using the link, testlink still says that the attachment could not be found, although the attachment is there --> it seems that prior of using the link, the specific Testplan has to be selected before the link is working? any other reason which can cause this problem?

a) is there a possibility to configure TestLink that a direct attachment download is possible without selecting the specific project, after successfully authenticating that the user has access to this Testplan
b) if a) is not possible any possibility to allow direct download without authenticating and selecting the correct testplan at all? (data is not sensitive)
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