Update test-case version in already executed test-plan build

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Update test-case version in already executed test-plan build

Postby mhr210 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:10 pm


I have kind of a workflow/process question on how to update a test-case version for an already executed test-plan build, here's the scenario:

I have created test-case "TST-12345" (Version 1) and I added it to test-plan "TP001" for which I have created build "Build001" (just as an example).

I executed the test-case within this build and I set it to status "Passed".

Now I see, that I made a mistake in the test-case creation (one step was wrong or had a typo for example).

So I create a new version of the test-case (version 2) and would like to see this updated version also in the existing test-plan "TP001" and the existing build "Build001", to execute it once again and set status "Passed".

I have admin rights for test-link and in order to see the new test-case version, I currently unassign the test-case from the test-plan and re-assign it directly afterwards.

That leads to test-case version 2 being added to the test-plan but I lose all previous execution results of that build, which I don't like.

Therefor I ask, if there's a different way of doing, so I can update the version in the existing test-plan without losing previous execution results in the same build.

Or can a test-plan version never be updated in a test-plan build, if it has already been executed at least once?

Thanks for any kind of input on this issue.

Best regards,
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