Delete old test executions

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Delete old test executions

Postby nitropower » Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:02 pm

I am currently running 1.9.15 (Tauriel)
In addition to using Testlink for manual tests, we also upload results from our automated test runs. Results can include attachments such as screenshots and test files. This has resulted in a huge amount of unused, old test executions which take up many GB of disk space.
We have cleaned up a lot from the UI side by deleting old platforms, plans etc. However, the server still retains the old execution results, with disk space issues becoming more frequent. I'm also looking towards upgrading soon and want to migrate minimal results data.

1. How can I safely remove old executions?
2. If I just remove the file sunder $g_repositoryPath/upload_area, will this cause any issue?

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Re: Delete old test executions

Postby Conradb » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:29 pm

Hi Nitropower, that is a cool idea.
In terms of QA process, you should plan to never delete old executions, these are your proof.
I am a total newbie to Testlink, but... I'd be virtualizing the server, and just adding discs , unless the server is lowing down, and in that case you want to export them as reports , and archive those, before deleting any data.
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Re: Delete old test executions

Postby nitropower » Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:55 pm

ok, so as theren't any helpful responses on this forum, I went ahead and did some things.

I moved many of the old executions out of the folder they were stored in, zipped them up and restarted Testlink. So far no adverse issues have occurred. I will keep the zipped files for a while for peace of mind but I will delete them in time. I've freed up 5GB of space and deleting the zip files will free 5GB more, resolving my space problems on the server.
Note that I did this with a small sample of files first before moving larger quantities. I'm leaving current year (2019) files in place.
The folders are numbered with some rolling numbering system making it hard to chronologically identify them, so I created a bash script to sort and move them by year/month.
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