How to create a clickable link to other Requirement ?

How to create a clickable link to other Requirement ?

Postby fman » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:28 am

Keywords: Requirements, Requirement Specification, Req. Spec.

// links to other requirements/requirement specifications are automatically generated from the corresponding Document ID,
// enclosed by tags (like BBCode).
// Usage:
// link to requirements: [req]req_doc_id[/req]
// link to requirement specifications: [req_spec]req_spec_doc_id[/req_spec]
// The test project of the requirement / requirement specification and an anchor to jump to can also be specified:
// [req tproj=<tproj_prefix> anchor=<anchor_name>]req_doc_id[/req]
// This syntax also works for requirement specifications.
$tlCfg->internal_links->enable = TRUE;

// how a linked document (requirement/requirement specification) should be displayed.
// posible values:
// 'window': new window/tab will be used (depending on browser configuration)
// 'frame' : same frame as the clicked link
// 'popup' (default): popup window (ATTENTION to browser pop-up block).
$tlCfg->internal_links->target = 'popup';
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