Important points to be noted @ communication at Groups/Posts

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Important points to be noted @ communication at Groups/Posts

Postby Amaradana » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:09 pm

Hi Everyone,

Please follow the below guidelines as below in when ever your posting at Forums / Groups

1. Never hijack a thread/Email, thats very bad when some one hijacked. as posts makes confusing and discussions also doesnt end with solution and never get solved.
2. Please Open a new Thread / Email when your facing some problems and continue in discussing it. Do not mix up with multiple doubts/questions in same thread if they are don't correlate.
3. Please state clearly like what is the environment (like OS, PHP version, MSSQL/MYSQL server details) that you are working on
4. If you are facing something odd which is not posted at forums or similar to something which is posted at forums, please mention the steps clearly and point all the relevant links for reference which makes easier to solve your problem
5. also read the the instruction before you post anything from the below link
6. Do put your efforts before you post and write down all your observations regarding what you found and what you have followed.

Please do follow the above steps, so that it will make every one lives easier in helping the community for all of us.

Note: All the hijacked posts/meaningless posts at forums will be deleted without intimation If you really need the support from community please do the following as stated above to get the response for getting solution for your problem( for saving time for the person who is trying to solve your problem)
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