Understanding FEATURE: Tester Assignment at Build level

Understanding FEATURE: Tester Assignment at Build level

Postby fman » Sat Apr 28, 2012 10:35 am

Suppose you have to test an artifact, and create a test plan with 1000 test cases.
You plan to create 4 releases (On TL this map to Build concept): 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4.

For Release 1.1, you are going to run WHOLE Test plan contents, i.e. 1000 test cases.
On all reports total test case qty to be considered will be 1000.

After some work, your dev team has released Release/Build 1.2.
Due to some reason, you know you are going to run only 600 of 1000 test cases on Test plan.
You need that reports do not show a bias of 400 Not Run test cases (the set of test cases
you are not going to run).

More, you do not want to create a new test plan with only the effective 600 test cases to
be runned againts Release/Build 1.2.

How to solve this ?
During developing of 1.9.1 we faced this issue, and possible solutions were

OPTION 1. Refactor of 'test case test plan assignment' Feature, that was done for (Test plan, Platform),
adding a new level Build => (Test plan, Platform, Build).
We consider that these option, will make more complex the already complex GUI for creating
test plan content.

OPTION 2. Use value of attribute 'Tester assigned for execution', adding HERE the BUILD level.

Our Design choice was OPTION 2.
How do you use this new feature to solve the problem ?
Back to our example, you assign a tester ONLY for the 600 test cases you plan to run, leaving
UNASSIGNED the 400 test cases you plan to IGNORE.

On reports ONLY test cases with tester assigned will be consider => for Release/Build 1.2
total amount of Test cases will be 600 and NOT 1000.

Unfortunatelly, till release 1.9.4 we were not able to fix ALL REPORTS, then we are providing
some figures that work this way, and other that continue to work as was on TL version < 1.9.0
On 1.9.4 this will be fixed.
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