Trac Integration Via XMLRPC - Hints

Trac Integration Via XMLRPC - Hints

Postby fman » Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:21 am

1. get
(is the library used on TestLink to implement XML-RPC client with HTTPS support - see
This way you can use the XMLRPC debugger to test your connection to Trac
Hint with debugger: after fresh install you need to copy content of lib folder on debug folder

2. You can get a Trac appliance from TurnKeyLinux.
This example has been done using appliance available @2012-08-26
* login into appliance and then:
* #trac-admin /var/local/lib/trac/hg-helloworld
* Trac [/var/local/lib/trac/hg-helloworld] permission add anonymous XML_RPC
* Trac [/var/local/lib/trac/hg-helloworld] permission list anonymous

3. with debbuger if you get,
you can try to continue integration with TestLink.
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