HOW TO - testcases import google spreadsheets and python.

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HOW TO - testcases import google spreadsheets and python.

Postby dnozay » Tue Sep 10, 2013 11:23 pm

- google spreadsheets to store TDS
- testlink 1.9.7
- python (e.g. because you <3 python)

- import testcases from google spreadsheet into testlink

This thread [1] has other alternatives if you are able to export your spreadsheet to excel (.xls) format.
This "tutorial" assumes you are comfortable with python / virtualenv / google spreadsheets.


I've been able to export the google spreadsheet to (.xlsx) format but XLStoXML [2] does not currently handle that. So I was stuck trying an alternate route. I've found that there are python client using the XMLRPC interface [3]. One of them is TestLink-API-Python-client [4]. I did some messing around and I was able to format my testcases according to the template that is advertised by XLStoXML [5], then export it to JSON using the exportJSON script [6] for google spreadsheet. Once that was done a little script using TestLink-API-Python-client can do the job just fine [7].

1. format your TDS using the template [5]
2. freeze the first row (corresponding to column headers)
3. in the Tools > Script Manager menu create a new script that is a copy of [6]
4. reload the document for the new "macro" to load
5. export spreadsheet as JSON and save as a file
6. install TestLink-API-Python-client [4] (e.g. pip install git+
7. download script [7] and use it to create your testcases.

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