Multiple test steps not in text fields

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Multiple test steps not in text fields

Postby Oli » Wed May 10, 2006 2:02 pm


I am evaluting your really well sophisticated tool.
I woulkd like to know if it woulb be possible to make a change within the testcases sections.
Currently there are only text fields for steps and exp results and they have no relation .
So what we need is to have for each test step a related exp result field.

step 1
exp res 1
step 2
exp res 2

I should be able to insert a new step/exp.result between/before or after already existing steps/exp.results

And furthermore to set the result (failed/passed) for each step/exp.result).

Would it be possible ?
Or do we have to program it by our own ? If yes in which files do we have to make our changes ?

Many thanks in advance
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Postby fman » Wed May 10, 2006 3:40 pm

1. You have a (poor) workaround, if you use category as testcase su can use tescase as single step

2. doing what you want needs a change to the db schema, then you will end
with YOUR TL version and you will be the only responsible of mantaince.

3. Still in TL 1.7 there will be NO PROVISION for the feature you are looking for, I\'m sorry.

4. If you want anyway to do the development is important you gain
confidence with TL => try to find by yourself the files to change it\'s not so hard.
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