A direct link to the build execution ?

The release 1.6 is going to be unsupported by Community. Because our effort moves ahead. However there are still valuable informations for you.

A direct link to the build execution ?

Postby netap » Thu Jun 15, 2006 8:53 am

Hi all,

I\\\'m currently using TestLink 1.6 and would like to have a direct link to a specific STP execution.

I understand that it is not simple cause the address in the address-bar is not changing during passing through the different menus.

But is there a way to do so?
For example - what are the parameters in the source code that hold the \\\"What to see on screen\\\" ? (to show the Execute tests screen and the specific STP to run).

Attached is an example to my problem.

Thanks a lot!
Have a nice day!
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