Linkint two tables for report.

The release 1.6 is going to be unsupported by Community. Because our effort moves ahead. However there are still valuable informations for you.

Linkint two tables for report.

Postby krishnas » Wed Apr 04, 2007 9:04 am

Thanks for the wonderful tool.
We are using Testlink tool version 1.6.2.

I have introduced new table to capture execution time for each suite.
This table has testername, date,projectID,component ID and product ID.
Now I want to link this with results table of Testlink.

This is required to collect datewise data on test cases executed, pass fail,blocked and efforts.

Can someone help me out with a suitable query

Here is the code I currently have.

SELECT as product, as Component,
count(*) as Total, COUNT( IF( status = 'p', 1, NULL ) ) as Passed,
COUNT( IF( status = 'f', 1, NULL ) ) as Failed, " COUNT( IF( status = 'b', 1, NULL ) ) as Blocked, COUNT( IF( status = 'n', 1, NULL ) ) as NotRun,
sum(efforts.effort) as 'Efforts in PHrs.'
FROM results, build,project,mgtproduct, mgtcomponent, component,
category, testcase, efforts
where results.build_id = And build.projid = And
project.prodid = And results.tcid = And
testcase.catid = And category.compid =
And = And component.mgtcompid = And = '" . $SESSION_productID
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