Import of already written excel-testcases

The release 1.6 is going to be unsupported by Community. Because our effort moves ahead. However there are still valuable informations for you.

Solution for those using php 5

Postby rhutchinson » Wed Jun 28, 2006 3:02 pm

A post on another issue noted that a setting in the php.ini file needed to be updated to fix the issue so I went in an toggled several settings trying to fix this one and have narrowed it down to the \"register_long_arrays\" setting. I turned it On and importing worked for me.

In php.ini find the section below and change the setting to On:

; Whether or not to register the old-style input arrays, HTTP_GET_VARS
; and friends. If you\'re not using them, it\'s recommended to turn them off,
; for performance reasons.
register_long_arrays = On
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