Including JIRA System Field on REST API configuration

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Including JIRA System Field on REST API configuration

Postby tinha2012 » Tue Apr 14, 2015 3:54 pm

Hi there. I am just wondering if someone can provide me an example REST API configuration on integrating TestLink 1.9.13 with JIRA 6.4 that includes JIRA default system fields (not custom fields). We've got a JIRA project has the following JIRA default system field marked as mandatory (required), "Component/s, Affect Version/s, Severity". I am not sure how I can include these variables in the REST API configuration,I am keep getting the pop up from TestLink that those few fields were required and not configured while I am trying to create a new JIRA ticket through the testcase in TestLink.
Ideally when we adding (creating) a new JIRA ticket within the test case, it should prompt us a selection menu, and then we can choose the corresponding options. A quick workaround is to set those 3 JIRA system field as "optional", yet this is not a ideal solution as we set them as "required" for a purpose. Thank you.
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Re: Including JIRA System Field on REST API configuration

Postby fman » Tue Apr 14, 2015 9:50 pm

It's adviced to check all available communication channels (Mantis,Twitter & this forum) to get latest news.
Give a look to mantis for issues & feature requests of category regardin JIRA Bug tracking integration.
Please get latest code from gihub (version 1.9.4 DEV Padawan) because some improvements have been done.
With REST API idea was to allow (people always complained about this) to have chance to make choices regarding:

- JIRA Components
- Affected Versions
- Issue Type
- Issue Priority

There is a feature request to have configuration to remove this choice from GUI, and get values from XML configuration, but there is no ETA.

It's not easy to develop something that can manage each type of configuration used on each JIRA installation.
You can a us e our code as model and made the changes (and share it) to manage severity

You can also be an sponsor (through donation) of this feature.
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