Information from Testlink in JIRA BUG

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Information from Testlink in JIRA BUG

Postby tompfueller » Thu Sep 10, 2015 3:03 am


I am new to Testlink and JIRA, but I got the Task to study how to connect both Systems.
After some trial and error I was able to connect both via REST API.

However, I encounter two Problems:
1) When I assign a JIRA BUG to the test case then a new comment is added to the bug on JIRA side.
It is just a comment without any further Information like where it comes from and that it is related to Testlink

My question: is it possible to add (=send) more Information to JIRA like a text that says "FROM TESTLINK:" or the link to the print view of test steps execution or test case.

2) I am somehow not able to create Bugs from TESTLINK.

My questions are:
2.1) Do I have to specify the URICREATE item?
2.2) Do I have to specify the ISSUETYPE altough I choose the type when creating the ticket?
2.3) Is there an overview about the values of ISSUETYPE numbers and the Name of the types in JIRA?
For example I used the number 6 for Issue types, but do not know what it refers to.

For reference:

<!-- Template jirarestInterface -->
<!-- CRITIC - WITH HTTP getIssue() DOES NOT WORK -->
<!-- Configure This if you want be able TO CREATE ISSUES -->

Any help would be fine. If you Need more Information, please let me know.

Kind regards
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