TestLink 1.9.7 and Redmine 2.3.3 WITH HTTPS

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TestLink 1.9.7 and Redmine 2.3.3 WITH HTTPS

Postby antia » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:20 am


Now I am trying to connect testlink and redmine together by using Issue Tracker Management function.

So this is my REST setting for connecting to redmine


<apikey>API KEY from my redmine</apikey>



<!-- <attributes><targetversion>10100<targetversion></attributes> -->

I set the uribase as the url I usually use to connect redmine, but in the Test execution page, the icons for connecting to redmine didn't show up and I got a msg display on the screen:
Attention Please:
Something is preventing connection to Bug Tracking System,
and is going to create performance issues.
Please contact your TestLink Administrator

Is that because the redmine is using https ?

then I change it to localhost since those two are in the same sever.
It somehow works... at least two small icon for create issue and connect issue show up, but when I click the "create issue" the window pop up just contain raw issue info which I guess they are going to be send to redmine. Like this:

after I close the window, those raw info just show up in the top of the screen (I was under Test execution), like this

and the link that displayed on the Relevant bugs can't not correct from my computer since it just use localhost as the base to connect redmine. But it do create a issue in redmine.

My question is:
Is redmine using https the reason TestLink fail to connect to redmine??
and I guess the raw data shouldn't show up like that... what should I do to fix all this?

Thank your patience and time to read my question
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Re: TestLink 1.9.7 and Redmine 2.3.3

Postby antia » Thu Mar 06, 2014 3:38 pm


I turned the https for Redmine off then the issue tracker button worked, however, Testlink still display raw data in the create isuue page and upper part of the test execution page after people created a issue like the two screenshots in my first post.

I updated testlink to 1.9.8 and the raw data thing gone, now it looks like this


Does that mean it work properly now? I mean if this is how it should be like?

Another thing is the my Redmine is using "https"... It looks like Testlink can not connect with Redmine if it is protected by https.
Can I fix this by changing some configuration?

thank you
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Re: TestLink 1.9.7 and Redmine 2.3.3 WITH HTTPS

Postby TurboPT » Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:56 am

The "raw data" output was generated by some debug prints that were left behind. Nothing to worry about.

I'm guessing that last output is ok, but I don't have redmine, so I'm not 100% sure.
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Re: TestLink 1.9.7 and Redmine 2.3.3 WITH HTTPS

Postby fman » Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:25 pm

Latest Code from gitorious => 1.9.9 + fixes
Tested on fedora 20 32bits, using redmine installer from Bitnami.
TestLink & redmine on save host
TestLink uses XAMPP
Redmine uses sw installed using Bitnami Installer

Created issue using, with dedicated test page => OK

Still need to test integration from TestLink execution page

Tested from TestLink execution page => OK
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