Create issue Testlink -> Redmine error

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Create issue Testlink -> Redmine error

Postby ejcauzzi » Sun Nov 15, 2015 6:14 pm


I posted the issue below in someone elses topic too. I really need some help, so I'm creating a new topic.

I created a project 'projetoteste' in Redmine. I configured Testlink Issue Tracker with the following information:
Issue Tracker: Redmine
Type: redmine (Interface: rest)
<apikey>generated api-key in redmine</apikey>

I am able to see a bug created manually in Redmine in test execution page and it's state, but when I try to create a bug in Testlink for Redmine I receive the following error.
Create REDMINE Ticket FAILURE => redmine::_requesturl: - response:{"url":"http:\/\/\/\/issues.xml","content_type":"application\/xml","http_code":401,"header_size":468,"request_size":324,"filetime":-1,"ssl_verify_result":0,"redirect_count":0,"total_time":0.022688,"namelookup_time":3.2e-5,"connect_time":0.000873,"pretransfer_time":0.000988,"size_upload":120,"size_download":0,"speed_download":0,"speed_upload":5289,"download_content_length":0,"upload_content_length":120,"starttransfer_time":0.022648,"redirect_time":0,"redirect_url":"","primary_ip":"","certinfo":[],"primary_port":80,"local_ip":"","local_port":39984} - content: "" - serialized issue:N;

I'm using 1.9.14 version.
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Re: Create issue Testlink -> Redmine error

Postby archonwang1981 » Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:16 am

I think you difined some custom fields and these fields need to be filled.
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