Test Case "instance" for build/session runs

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Test Case "instance" for build/session runs

Postby jrichards » Mon Aug 18, 2008 10:34 pm

As with a majority of people here in these forums, most of us have created a sparsing model or two. One of the great features ive used in past Test Case Management systems is the ability to assign "instances" of a test case to be ran on certain builds to follow a specific sparsing model.


Test Case1:Installer check
Validate install of software via executable....blah blah
a) Should install properly with no errors etc etc

assign test case to build 1.x with the following "instances" of this test case.
a) xp sp1
b) xp sp2
c) xp sp3
d) vista

This way test cases in test plan runs on builds can be checked in multiple enviornments (or any "instance" of that test case you can think of) that would apply to a test case. I dont feel like creating a test case with each instance in mind is the right path to follow for flow and is a blimin nighmare to track.

Is there a current way to do this in Test Link or do its equivelent? More importantly does anyone know where this is on the road map?

So far what I have evaluated, this is the best open source TCM system ive seen and would like to port over minus this one little caveat.
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