Problem TL integration with Jira/Oracle

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Problem TL integration with Jira/Oracle

Postby ricardojdd » Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:03 pm

I've configured the application according to TL/BTS manual.
I'm using the jira with Oracle and TL with Mysql

My configuration files look like below: file:


and cfg/jira.cfg.php file:

//Set the bug tracking system Interface to JIRA 3.1.1
/** The DB host to use when connecting to the JIRA db */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_HOST', 'ca-db14');

/** The name of the database that contains the jira tables */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_NAME', '');

/** The DB type to use for connecting to the bugtracking db */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_TYPE', 'odbc_oracle');

/** The DB type being used by jira */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_USER', 'jira');

/** The DB password to use for connecting to the jira db */
define('BUG_TRACK_DB_PASS', 'jira');

// define('BUG_TRACK_DB_CHARSET',"gb2312");
// define('BUG_TRACK_DB_CHARSET',"UTF-8");

/** link of the web server for jira */
define('BUG_TRACK_HREF', "http://ca-track:8080/secure/Dashboard.jspa");
//define('BUG_TRACK_HREF', "http://localhost:8080/browse/");

/** link to the bugtracking system, for entering new bugs */

When I open "http://localhost/testlink/" webpage I get the following message:

"Connection to your Bug Tracking System has failed:
Please check your configuration.
Be careful this problem will degrade TestLink performance."

If configure the field "BUG_TRACK_DB_TYPE" = "oracle"
e.g define('BUG_TRACK_DB_TYPE', 'oracle');

When I open "http://localhost/testlink/" webpage is returned blank

Could you please help me to solve this problem ?
Thanks .
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