Merge two database to one with identical schema

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Merge two database to one with identical schema

Postby Robert » Tue Jun 09, 2009 3:49 pm


Is there anybody who already merge 2 database from Testlink application to one database?

The context: There is projects who use TL171 and another one who use TL174. We have decided to merge both application and use the latest TL175. So the objective is to migrate TL171 and TL174 to TL175.

The problem: We have analyzed both DB (we will call DB171 for TL171 and DB174 for TL174). The DBA has compared DB171 and DB174 and the structure is similar. And we need to merge DB171 + DB174 to have a unique DB175. The problem is about the primary and foreign key which should stay the same.

Is there any tools which can help to merge both identical database with different values ?
If not is this operation hs been already done in any other projects and let me know how I can accomplish this task succesfully ?

Thanks for your quick reply.

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