SPA Computers (P) Ltd

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SPA Computers (P) Ltd

Postby spacomp » Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:23 am


SPA Computers is using this Test Management Tool [TestLink Version 1.8.5 + Mantis 1.1.6] to leverage most out of this Open Source Test Management Tool to deliver quality products / services to its clientele with successive deliveries.

About SPA:

SPA Computers (P) Ltd.,
SPA House,
# A4, NGEF Ancillary Industrial Estate,
Bangalore – 560048, India.

SPA Computers (P) Ltd. is a company incorporated in 1987 to provide Cost Effective products, solutions and services to Industries to make them globally competitive.

SPA started operations with its first orders in the Process Control and Industrial Automations segment. The main area of focus was on writing softwares for Mission Critical Industrial Applications in the segments like Steel Manufacturing, Power Generation and Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Wood Pulp, Paper and so on. SPA's strength in this segment won it many clients who in turn encouraged SPA to also develop hardware for this segment. Thus from 1989, SPA ventured into the design of hardware and the writing of software to make these hardware systems function to clients' requirements.

The design and development of hardware and the porting of software onto the hardware way back in 1989 and onwards meant that SPA was one of its kind in the field of Embedded Systems Companies in India, and a pioneer in a field that, at that time wasn't even known as Embedded Systems.

In the Industrial Automation segment, SPA now has an installed base of over 3000 systems around India. This also has enabled SPA to become a very reliable solution provider in the Mission Critical Embedded Systems market where failure of solutions and systems lead to life and death situations. This expertise has now enabled SPA to get into the difficult commercial electronics market where volumes are in millions, and reliability is the foremost prerequisite.

SPA got selected as the sole distributor in the Indian sub-continent for QNX Software, a Canadian pioneer of the Embedded and Real-time Operating System (OS). QNX is the preferred OS for global giants like Cisco, 3Com, IBM, GE, Ford and others for all their mission critical Real-time and Embedded applications. Being the sole distributors and also being a QNX user for over 10 years has enabled SPA to also provide solutions to these large organizations. SPA is also the distributor of QNX in Taiwan & Middle East.

Using this experience of Mission Critical Embedded Systems products development, and the in-depth knowledge on Embedded OS such as QNX, VxWorks, pSOS and so on, SPA started developing Information Appliances from 1996. This led to SPA working very closely with companies focused on Information Appliance Development such as National Semiconductor, Citrix and so on. SPA has also developed a team focussed on Microsoft Technologies such as Windows CE and Windows NTe.

SPA is registered with Microsoft as a Beta partner for its various embedded initiatives. With the advent of Linux as an OS of choice in the Information Appliance market, SPA was ideally placed to customize Linux, which was not really an embedded OS, to suit the requirements of Information Appliances.

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