General Motors Europe

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General Motors Europe

Postby Laurent_Cabot » Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:25 am

Under testing with real project database at Strasbourg's site.
Really a great work.
Simple to understand, simple to use, simple to train and powerfull.
95% of the features are used.
Clear crystal Database stucture. Easy to script and to adapt to external processes.
Some lacks like:
- EXPORT / IMPORT: With multiple projects, it is mandatory to import/export a full database by SQL. Impossible to import/export only one project.
- When a new project is created from an old one, the attached documents are lost. (1.9.3)
- When a new project is created from an old one, the Requirement / Test case link is broken (however there is a workaround for that item) 1.9.3

Really a good job.
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