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Postby Teradach » Mon Dec 17, 2007 9:36 am
EURO-LOG AG is the integration company for logistics. In other words, we enable companies to understand the existing (or even especially created) electronic data formats of other companies. We integrate, we exchange, we translate, we split and ship, we make business possible. ;)

We use TestLink since 1.6.2. for tests of our products in our different projects. Now in 1.7.* we are very pleased to see the big enhancements done to this tool. Yet i see still some room for imprevement, but TestLink is very usable now already and a gain for our quality assurance, since we are finally able to throw the test protocols written in excel into the trashcan. ;)

TestLink conquers one product after the other and the testcases are flowing step by step, test by test into the database. It makes me feel much more confortable meanwhile as i am able to just check the current state of testing progress instead of asking "how's the quality" and receiving "well, erm, you know, um, quite okay... i guess..." as answer. Thanks for your work!
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