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freenet Group AG

Postby kerrob » Thu Apr 10, 2014 11:48 am

The freenet Group AG is the biggest network-independent telecommunications providers in Germany. The group offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services and products, primarily in the field of mobile voice, data services and digital-lifestyle.
A total of about 4,600 employees work in the freenet Group continuously to improve the sales and service expertise.
Approximately 600 of them work in the IT, 400 of which are involved with Software Develpoment ( Project-Managment, Anaylse- Managment, Developing, Quality-Assurance)

The freenet Group has Sales channels are primarily operated under its subsidiary mobilcom debitel GmbH in which around 530 shops, about 6,000 additional sales offices in the specialized trade in electronics retail and markets as well as online and direct sales; noteworthy is the cooperation with the Media-Saturn Germany GmbH.

The end of 2012, the freenet Group through its subsidiary mobilcom debitel GmbH has the Gravis - acquired computer mbH, Berlin. The acquisition builds on the already existing since October 2011 exclusive partnership with the market leader for Apple lifestyle products. The Group therefore has the biggest network-independent distribution platform for mobile / mobile internet and digital lifestyle in Germany.

Testlink has been used in the IT.QA- Department from mobilcom debitel GmbH since 09.2008. with Testlink 1.8.3 .

Since 2009 mobilcom debitel GmbH has expanded the use of Testlink from only IT.QA-Department to using Testlink through-out the Corporate Group of the Freenet AG. and using the Testing Standards from ISTQB. ( 1200 active users in Testlink, Daily between 400 and 600 users continuously working in Testlink)

In 2013 is the freenet Group AG using Testlink version 1.9.8 in the second half year of 2014 we hope to upgrade to 1.9.9 (or 1.9.10 when released)
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