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Postby lhvu » Tue May 06, 2008 9:42 am

Hi All

We're a software development and consultancy company placed in Viet Nam. We've recently apply test link the simplest way it could be. This is the flow that we've apply:

1. Create Test Project
2. Create Test Plan
3. Create Test Suite
4. Create Test Case
5. Add Test Cases to test plan
6. Assign Test Case Execution
7. Create Build
8. Execute test
9. Report bug
10. Test report and Metrics

--> Memorization: CCCC AA CERT (I know its not really meaning full :D)

Test links has save us a lot of time in managing test case IDs, assigning resource and trace the status of testing project.

Looking for further enhancement of next versions

Thanks to all testlink contributors
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