LeanSD and Agile (SCRUM) Workflow

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LeanSD and Agile (SCRUM) Workflow

Postby dcrenshaw » Wed Mar 04, 2009 6:44 am

I like the tool and the team is looking at a possible enterprise deployment. We have been challenged for years with the QA department testing features or software that is not mature or ready for testing. Communication between development and QA lacks the tools to help define the testcases or sprint content. The question I'm looking to get answered is or does anyone have a workflow process using testlink that seems to work with SCRUM Sprint cycles?

I'm thinking after all of the testcases are created and versioned in the system the administrator or test leads would collaborate with the developers and define the testcases/testplan and the sprint cycles that the test cases are to be ran in. From what I can see in TestLink these testcases can be assigned as test runs/cycles with labels such as Sprint 1, Sprint 2 and so on. Any one else have other alternatives on using the tool in Agile development models?

A couple ideas for tool enhancements:
From a complete list of "Requirement Tags" and the "testcases" in each requirement it would be nice to be able to quickly pick out which testcases are part of an automated test suite. If these test cases are flagged as "automated" then I would think rules could be created that forces these test cases to be required for running on each sprint cycle or other cadence.

Workflow management for the testcases; I'd like to be able to assign actions to testcases from within the tool if possible. It can be done now but I loose track of which ones the actions were assigned to since it shows up as Pass/fail/blocked etc rather than updating/in development etc..

For example:
If a testcase could also have the possibility to assign actions to multiple resources within a test cycle or sprint. Such as a testcase assigned to a test engineer to be executed on in Sprint 1 which may be manual execution. If the testcase could also be assigned to a test developer for workflow automation and testcase updating within the same sprint cycle and being able to see the report for the status of testcases success ran by the tester as well as the test developer status on automating the workflow within the same time box schedule as part of the dashboard reporting.
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Postby smeyn » Thu Mar 12, 2009 1:34 am

it would be great if requirements could be assigned to builds. Then assign test cases to a build

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Postby havlatm » Sun Mar 15, 2009 1:10 pm

dcrenshaw, thank you for your article.
There is several ideas, so I'm not sure if I can answer all. Generally we like to have enhancement requests in tracker. It helps us solve evidence of problem more than forum.
I'm not too familiar with Agile dev., but I think that using keywords for Sprint content definition is appropriate solution. Another possibility is to define Custom Field. This should have a benefit, if you add own patch some other processing.

Mandatory result for automated tests: I can image to have option to define such behaviour. Such option could be related to Test Plans (to stay flexible). Do not forget add your view about indication of state in the case you add a request to tracker. Automation is young functionality with a big space for enhancement.

TC Workflow: I hope that I catch your point. There is a plan to have possibility assign tasks, but it's a large deal. Our strategy could be also collaborate with an external application that already knows such features. I definitely interesting to have this feature, but our attention is preferably on main features.

I guess that there is already request to assign TCs into Test Plan via requirements. It could fill your needs. The direct relation will mess consistence of application.
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