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New test case version and reports

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:54 pm
by cbriozzo
Hi all,
I'm using TestLink 1.9.10 (El Diego).

Here is the situation:
- We have one test plan with one build currently active. I've added test cases to the test plan / build and execute them. Now before we close the build (in the development environment where I test) our customer asks us for a change in one of the things that have previously asked. So I create a new version of some of the test cases I already execute, and use the "Update Linked Test Case Versions" link to update them in my test plan / build. So far so good.
- After a few dates I wanted to know I haven't executed yet so to complete testing. So I the went to execute this report:
"Test result matrix" -> "Not run Test Cases" -> "Test Cases without Tester Assignment" (because it's a one tester team so I don't use test case assignement).
- Since I have other test cases that weren't executed yet (version 1 was not executed) I was expecting to see those test cases and the version 2 of the updated test cases, since version 2 was not yet executed. But the test cases that were updated to version 2 are not shown.

I'm not sure if I'm using TestLink wrong or if the report should read "test case versions" associated to test plan / build instead of "test cases".

As anyone gone through the same situation? That the test case changes while the build is in progress and after you already execute it?
How it is supposed to manage this situation in TestLink?


Re: New test case version and reports

PostPosted: Thu Sep 24, 2015 8:25 pm
by fman
not updating to 1.9.14 is a very bad choice.
Dev Team does not provide any kind of support on potential issues that are not tested and reproduced by reporter on latest stable release + latest fixes.
Detailed step by step are always needed in order to be sure all we are working on same scenario.
There is a post on forum explaining level of detail needed (nothing new is what has been written hundred on times on several sites on internet)

My advice is

STEP 1 - create a very detailed test case with step by step (you do not need 10 test cases on the examples but with 3/4 will be enough)
STEP 2- get latest stable release, do fresh install & retest what you have designed on STEP 1, providing feedback here.

some homework to do.

Re: New test case version and reports

PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:21 pm
by cbriozzo
Thank you fman, as usual you are of great help. I'm not reporting a bug. I use the forum because I have a doubt on the use of the versions of the test cases.
I've looked for information in the user manual (I haven't found any), I've looked for information in this forum, and I've looked for information in internet previously to create this post.
I will do the test you mentioned in your demo environment and let you know. But I think that you could answer me, from an architectural point of view, how test cases versions relate to everything else without me doing this test. I agree that providing support is a pain in the a... but we are all people who worked within the Information Technology industry. In our case, our company is thinking if keep using TestLink or moving to some other test management product. So it would be nice to receive a better attention from you guys.

Re: New test case version and reports

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 7:35 pm
by fman
Providing support is a thing, having to take people for his/her hand and guide slowly is a very, very different thing.
I'm absolutely sure I'm always of great help any time I found people that is able to do a minor effort on his/her side.
You can do your choice regarding moving to other test management tool, there are always users going in and going out it's a matter of fact.
Interesting thing is that people consider that with this kind of sentence ' .... my company is going to change tool ...', something magic is going to happen.
There are users that are happy with level of support/help, others not (seems you are part of this group), I will have to live with this fact.

Re: New test case version and reports

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 3:19 am
by cbriozzo
You (TestLink team) have to guide us slowly because you don't have a good user manual. I'll be very happy if I can resolve all my doubts by myself. Saddly (for you guys) because of the lack of information we are all stucked in this forum.

I don't know if they are going to change tool but I'm in charge of doing the comparision. One would think that being an open source tool, programmers will be more willing to help fellow IT professionals, but not, standard answer is: you are not using our last release, so we don't care about you, your comments, your trouble, etc.. just sad.. that's all.

By the way, the Execute tests functionality on your demo environment does not work. The tree frame to the left doesn't ever show. I've tryied with Firefox 40.0.3, IE 11.0.9600.17207, Chrome VersiĆ³n 45.0.2454.99 m. Just in case you matter.


Re: New test case version and reports

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:45 am
by fman
Good approach complaining just when you do not get the answer you want.
Our documentation is not updated? yes, unfortunately because my choice is fix issues and add new features.
But if documentation is not good, it will be better to report this immediately.
But the best thing you find to do is blaming me because you are going slow.

Then your choice is continue your approach to be clear that work done sucks, then you said 'Your demo has this problem', ok.
But with a reasonable effort (IMHO) you can get latest code and have it up un running (no more of 30 min), instead of trusting on our demo.
Sometimes I also prefer avoid to install a system to test it, but when I start having issues with the demo, I normally went to Bitnami, get the installer and/or VM and install it.
This the way I work normally when I need to test Redmine integration, because sometimes redmine online demo is not working ok, BUT I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT complaining with Redmine people (that is providing me for FREE a system) due to it's demo.

Why the hell I've to test an old version (1.9.10) if 4 new releases exists, each with a README and CHANGELOG that explain what has been fixed or added?
What will be the usefulness of verifying a fixed issue ? Nothing for community, a lot for you because you do not want to do an effort on your side.

Documentation is not good? You have been forced to investigate and find the answer? BUt after this have you take some time to give back to community sharing what you have learned to avoid the pain to others?

THis can be and endless and fruitless discussion if you do not try to understand that you can not blame the others for the time you do not have to put to do things that are requested to try to help you.
You are not paying for a support, support is offered on best effort basis.

The request to upgrade to latest version is NOT A TRICK TO GET TIME because I have no signed a SLA or a contract. Request to latest version is FIRTS THING THAT IS NORMALLY REQUESTED.
Again effort to install TestLink (a fresh install) is not more that 30 min / 1 hour.
Then you need the time to setup the scenario you need to verify let's say 1 more hour.
If I need to do the same for 10 users I will need 10 hours (i do not need install time), that I can not use for fixing issues or adding feature.
Is simple matter of distributed effort, I ask you 2 hours (I've provided a product with more that 2 hours of development) in order to be sure I need to work or not on this,
but you consider I'm asking too much.

Sometime ago people from dotproject said to me that if I do not like the application I can use another, I've considered the answer not very intelligent and since then i try to avoid it.
If your choice will not be TestLInk it will be sad, you can use any of the other COMMERCIAL options like TestRail, SpiraTest, ecc.

All the time you have used here to complain and put only karma, will provide you nothing, but if instead you have followed my requests may be now you would have your answer.
It's clear that my choice has been to make my point clear for you and for this part of community that think that open source means '... I've to got what I want and now...'.
Support will be provided requesting minimum effort for user side, always.