Test Setup - Need your Thoughts

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Test Setup - Need your Thoughts

Postby pramakri » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:47 pm

I have the below scenario for the System Integration Testing. Please help me in setting up the test bed.
Number of Test cycle: 1
Duration : 4 Weeks
Number of Test Suites: 5 (One for each Integration)
Total test cases : 120 across all test suites
Order of Execution: Few integrations are independent and as a result, test cases will be executed simultaneously across different test suites.

I will be creating just 1 Test Plan for the whole 4 weeks window, as and when we encounter defects, the defect fix will happen in IST time zone and code will be deployed in QA Environment by IST EOD. So, there will be code deployment in SIT NOT in a very orderly fashion, which restricts me to plan for additional Regression test plans/builds. So, within the same Test Plan, How can I re-execute the failed test cases as well as passed ones (regression) without much of ambiguity.

My thoughts for now: With that one test plan, create a custom field “BUILD ID”, that will be enabled at a test case level during Execution. So, as and when a new deployment happens, the tester needs to specify the release BUILD_ID in the custom field and overwrite the execution (Pass/Fail). Now, my custom report will pick only the latest executed test case. Before deploying the fixed code in QA environment, I need to identify the testcase id that will be re-executed/executed for regression, for which we need to enter the Build ID in the custom field. At the end of testing, the goal is to have 0 Norun..0 Fail and 120 Passed.
Let me know if this Idea will work, or is there a better way to manage it.

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