Repeatable test execution with diffrent test cases

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Repeatable test execution with diffrent test cases

Postby fredotech » Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:14 pm

Using Testlink Version 1.19

We just recently completed a test release of regression testing. We have created a Project a Test Plan for the Type of testing Regression. We created a Regression build and added all 160 test cases. The test cases were assigned for testing and execution completed. Now we want to run integration testing but we do not want to use all the same test cases from Regression (Only 140 as it was deemed 20 were no longer in scope for the release) If I create another build in the project and call it integration Can I remove test cases from execution without messing up the executed regression testing?

What is the right way to create other test executions with different test cases? Is creating a new Test Plan for each test cycle the way to go? I thought about this but then I have duplicated test cases that need to be managed.

I know that in Microfocus ALM Test Suites can be created and modified that all point to the copy of the test case instances. Is this same functionality possible in Testlink?

I do not want to lose the reporting features and would hate to have to create a new test plan if this cannot be done under the same plan.
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