Add new code for managing automat or robot with testlink.

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Add new code for managing automat or robot with testlink.

Postby Legay » Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:01 pm


I would like to use TestLink to manage automatic tests. My idea is to write and manage the tests with TestLink. After the selection of the test, I want to have a new magic button : launch automatic testing.

I am thinking to write this code, but I think it is a good idea to have a discussion with the maillist to build something in the “spirit” of Testlink and to use the best architecture.

So I have to solve different questions:
- I can write a test case with Testlink for a manual testing. I have to add some (formal) instructions that can be translated into some language for the automat,
- How can I give arguments to the automat: Ex login(user,password) and login(dummy,dummy),
- Must I have variable to manage the automat. I think yes, for instance : start process  pid = get id, then stop the process(pid)
- How to get a big amount of data: open Excel file, for each line of the Excel file, launch the automat with the current line. The same thing for data extracted from a Database,
- So I need to define my own language to manage the automat? How to integrate it into the testlink pages? Xml instruction? PHP code (to have variable, loop, conditional structure, …)
- How to launch the automat?
- How to set the Automat environment: launch browser, open URL, … So I would like to be able to say launch mozilla, launch IE, ..
- How to get back the data given by the automat (the result of the test) (perhaps with the existing API?)
- How to manage the sequence of the test? If I defined with Testlink, that I want test T1, T2, T5, T3 who is responsible to launch T1, then T2, … ? What happens if an error occurs at test T2? Must I launch T5 or not?
- For my point of view a part of the job is to be done into Testlink (the description of the test), but who has to manage the automat? A new source code into the PHP Testlink server? A new server (As I prefer Java, I would like to write it in Java in order to create multi thread server on different computers that have to run the automat)? Other idea?
- I have never work in this kind of project, so I need some information. Can I include the new code into testlink? In a TestLink plug-in? In a new project? Same question for the source code that will manage the automat and the communication with the automat?

Thanks for any ideas, comments, pointers, …
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