Help on product, suites and testcases

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Help on product, suites and testcases

Postby Trenskow » Tue Apr 29, 2008 7:06 am

Hi there all

I have inhereted a testlink 1.6.3 installation of testlink here at my work, which contains all the testcases there have been made in the company.

Before upgrading it, i have a question about how i best set it up, so its easy to use.

In our company, we have one big product suite, which containts multiple products with GUI

We have 3 web-based solutions, here we called them

And then we have 2 user applications

finaly, there are 2 applications, to configure the system.

The web-based product will mostly be tested with IE7, but must from time to time also be tested with IE6, FF and Opera.

Finally, we often have several branches that needs testing side-by-side.

How would you set this up in testlink? So its easy to follow the testcases history, and so its only neccesary to have each testcase once in the system.

Scenario1: Branch 1 and branch 2 are both tested at the same time.
I think i already have an answer for this, and after upgrading to 1.7.4, is to have 2 build active in build management.

Scenario 2: Branch 1 web bases products must be tested on all browsers

Scenario 3: Branch 1 and 2 are both tested at the same time, and webbased product must be tested in all 4 browsers
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